Fashion in Quarantine

Quarantine Fashion — How to Stay Cool Amid COVID-19?

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The last thing you want to think about during quarantine days is fashion, we get it.

After all, when you don’t even have to go out and about, why would you be thinking about the latest trends, right?

But there is a catch, and that is ‘the internet.’ 

Yep, gone are the days when you could just sit in your cozy couch and claim you are invisible to the world. Thanks to the internet, the tables have turned now.

As a matter of fact, the internet is our last resort during COVID-19. It keeps us entertained and connected to our near and dear ones in these crazy times. 

And when we talk about the internet, social media comes into play, and that’s exactly where fashion kicks in. Judging from the viral trends that have been hitting social media, it is safe to say that fashion is pretty much still in the game. 

(Are you in a hurry? If yes, watch the video below to know everything in two minutes)

However, before we dive deep, let’s discuss the basics first. 

So, What Is Quarantine Fashion and Why Is It Important? 

It is becoming increasingly important to get yourself acquainted with quarantine fashion unless you want to go viral like this man who ran a fashion show of quarantine outfits. (or you might actually like the idea)

Quarantine fashion, as the name suggests, refers to the fashion choices you make while staying at home during the corona pandemic. Your choices can range from outfits through shoes to accessories. 

These choices are imperative because they are going to keep you fashionable, even in these desperate times. 

Quarantine Fashion

Another plus of quarantine fashion is that you can grow your social media audience manifold as your followers would love to copy your fashion sense and replicate the same on their social media as well.

Thus, do not let this global crisis take away your fashion freedom. Instead, see it as an opportunity to showcase your unique sense of style. 

History of Quarantine Fashion during different Crises

History is evident that some of the finest designs and trends were born from struggle. Crises help people come up with out of the box tactics, and fashion is no exception. 

For instance, during the First World War, when requisite materials fell short, Coco Chanel started creating women’s attires from foraged pieces. 

That resulted in a paradigm shift in womenswear, and the Chanel brand never looked back due to its innovative approach. 

Similarly, during the Spanish Flu pandemic, face masks turned out to be a staple item supposed to be worn all the time. This resulted in the trendy evolution of masks.

Moreover, Escapist Fashion that emerged in the 1930s and 40s was a reaction to the uncertain future due to political upheaval. Thus, creative redesigning exertions became forms of expression amid those times of confinement.

Therefore, fashion has never seen itself curtailed by any crisis, even if it is a pandemic. So, the virus we are facing currently is going to give birth to another shift that will introduce us to unmatched creativity. 

Advantages of Quarantine Fashion

One thing is clear by now; fashion in quarantine is real and holds a lot of importance. However, if you are still confused, the following advantages might help you out. 

  • You Finally Get to Experiment What You Were Always Afraid Of

Let’s just agree that we all want to explore new heights in fashion. And for that, we look forward to experimenting with new outfit ideas and looks. However, we cannot turn them into reality, fearing that people might make fun of us.

Social isolation days offer an excellent opportunity to sweep all your concerns under the rug and try all you ever wanted. Who knows you might actually come up with something mind-blowing?

  • Quarantine Fashion Offers A Much-Needed Respite

If you feel bored and useless being stuck at home, you are not alone. Come to think of it, you cannot go shopping, can’t hit the gym, you can’t even have a meet up with friends, you are bound to feel bored, we don’t blame you. 

Amid such desperate times, fashion comes to the rescue. Trying out different fashion and beauty products and experimenting with new looks will make you feel less stressed. 

And the best part is that you get to discover what you love. 

quarantine Fashion
  • Your Social Media Stays Updated

Social media is the only platform offering a safe interaction with people. Therefore, keeping your social media alive and well is never a bad idea, and fashion would help you do that.

In fact, several Instagram pages are focusing solely on working-from-home wear. Moreover, with new hashtags like #goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed, social media is adapting to quarantine life pretty fast.  

Fashion helps Social Media

Try different outfits, get new looks, set new beauty goals, and take selfies and post them with as many hashtags as you want (because why not?). This practice doesn’t only keep your social media activity but also helps you divert your thoughts for good. 

  • You Become A Trendsetter 

While the majority of fashion brands are closed, you can offer something new. Quarantine fashion will not only help you make your identity but also make you a trendsetter.

Pro tip: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have branded clothes to boast about. You can come up with something new from within your current wardrobe. It is all about how you wear. 

Do not forget to thank us if you see a sudden increase in your fan following. 

  • You Finally Get Rid of The Stereotype

An unexpected benefit of adopting quarantine fashion is that you do not have to follow the seasonal fashion rules.

Although at the Fashion Accord, we believe that you shouldn’t be following those on normal days too. Yet, this is the perfect time to kick off this journey.

No one is going to discover if you started wearing shorts while it was still cold outside. Nor are they going to know that you rocked those ‘too wintery’ blue corduroy flares that fit you so good, in the spring season. 

So, quarantine fashion is your key to break the rules. Therefore, pull your favorite stuff out and rock them because they are too good to retire when it is still a comfy 21 degrees Celsius in your bedroom. 

Fashion in Quarantine

Now that you know why exactly you should be fixing your gaze on the quarantine fashion; it is high time we dealt with the elephant in the room.

How to stay trendy during COVID-19?

Let us start with good news; dressing for quarantine fashion comes with zero rulebooks. That essentially means you are free to wear whatever you desire and whichever way you like it.

People are even trying High Fashion Looks Created From Household Items, but you do not necessarily have to. 

Some simple steps can keep you fashionable throughout the lock down period.

Quarantine Fashion Tip 1. Know your wardrobe inside out

It might sound obvious to you, but it’s a common thing that we tend to forget easily what’s sitting in our wardrobes. 

And when you would dive deep in your closet, you might discover stuff you forgot long ago. Take them out and make use of them to create a fashion statement of your own.

Know your wardrobe

Knowing your wardrobe will bring many new fashion ideas as well. Isn’t it precisely what you want? It will also help you declutter your closet and spend some time organizing it. 

Quarantine Fashion Tip 2. Turn simple into elegant

No one is wearing formal pants these days as comfort is the last thing we want to compromise on. But that doesn’t mean you cannot don a chic look.

Quarantine is the perfect opportunity to express yourself through clothing. Dying your pajamas and short and matching them with unusual shirts and tops is never a bad idea.  

Let your fashion sense drive your creativity and the creativity your fashion sense. The results will surprise your friends and family, that’s a given. 

How to follow elegant fashion

Quarantine Fashion Tip 3. Mark every day of the week for something new

One thing that we are all observing these days is that time is passing very slowly. Call it a psychological effect, but that is how it is. 

So, if you are also finding a lot of free time at your disposal, make it count by allocating dress goals for each day of the week. 

For instance, you can try a classic vintage look on Mondays, a modern look on Tuesdays, urban style on Wednesdays, Bohemian attires on Thursdays, something chic on Fridays, going Artsy on Saturdays and rock Casual on Sundays.

Fashion Calendar to help you stay trendy each day of the week

You can always make changes in accordance with your taste and preferences. 

Quarantine Fashion Tip 4. Stalk trendy Celebrities and Friends

There is one thing common among all showbiz celebrities; they never compromise on their looks. Therefore, following some celebrities on social media and YouTube will keep a steady flow of fashion ideas towards you.

Similarly, your friends that are known for a better sense of fashion might also prove to be an asset in your bid to brighten up your quarantine time. 

You can always tweak the looks to some extent so that there is no copy-paste feeling. 

Quarantine Fashion Tip 5. Participate in social media Fashion Challenges

And if you find yourself short of motivation and ideas, social media comes to the rescue.

Several trends challenge you to put on a particular look and boast about it. These trends keep you busy, motivated, and trendy.

And the best thing is that you get a lot of positive and flattering comments. Exciting, isn’t it?

Participate in social media Fashion Challenges

Quarantine Fashion Tip 6. Get the best out of jewelry/accessories?

Any fashionable look is incomplete without relevant jewelry. Quarantine is the high time you allowed your jewelry a fresh breath.

If you are a female, try different jewelry with different outfits and let the creative side of your personality prevail. Be it quill jewelry, leather jewelry, glass silver or gold jewelry, or any other jewelry, try them all. 

Fashion Jewelry

And yet again, you are not bound to obey any rules but one; follow no rules. That necessarily means you can try out formal jewelry with casual outfits and jewelry for cocktail parties with semi-formal attires and what not. 

As for males, we already know your love for different fashion accessories. Break free from the traditional looks and embrace more aesthetic looks. 

Fashion Accessories for men

Quarantine Fashion Tip 7. Time to transform Hairstyles and Hair Accessories

Our social, professional responsibilities to maintain a particular decorum keeps many of our desired hairstyles and fancy hair accessories at bay. 

However, now is the time to say goodbye to all those insecurities and live the look you wanted. Boss is not around to give you a lecture neither your friends to make fun.

Feel free to dye your hair, cut them short, grow them long, do them differently. You can also try unique hair accessories to create unique hairstyles

Unique Hairstyles for girls
Unique Hairstyles
Creativity knows no bounds

Quarantine Fashion Tip 8. Fashion Mags and Blogs

Last but not least, subscribe to fashion blogs and magazines so that you stay updated with what’s happening in the world of fashion. 

Fashion magazines to read in Quarantine

You may also find ideas and products that enlighten your mood as well as your looks. Never shy away from searching the top 10 fashion blogs and following them. 

Final Words

Quarantine life is complicated and annoying, but it is also once in a lifetime opportunity to understand yourself and express it unprecedentedly. If fashion has been a constant part of your life, why should isolation days be any exception? 

Therefore, follow these easy and readily adaptable quarantine fashion tips Be bold and make choices because you will be much more confident when the time to re-enter society finally arrives, thanks to a massive stockpile of styling ideas, outfits and looks at your disposal. 

We wish you luck!

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