Affordable Fashion for Men

Affordable Fashion for Men — 11 Must-Follow Rules

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The term affordable fashion for men sounds alien to ears. Ever wondered why?

Well, because it is rarely talked about.

Yet, men are men, and men love the idea of appearing fashionable on a budget.

And why won’t they when it is only rational? However, men’s tendency towards looking dope at a fraction sometimes becomes a hindrance to their own goals. 

This blog shall serve as a budget style guide for all those men who want to cut a dash without breaking the bank. 

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Yves Saint Laurent was pretty much spot on when he said that dressing is a way of life.

There is no controversy in the idea that your personality depends a lot on the way you dress (of course, right?).

However, it is no less than an uphill task to find affordable fashion for men tips and look dapper all the time, given the expenses involved. 

The struggle is real for self-conscious men who refuse to give in on their appearance.

But, whenever fashion comes under discussion, women take the lead.

(Are you in a hurry? If yes, watch the video below to know everything in two minutes)

That motivates many people to ask the following question.

Who Is More Fashionable, Men or Women?

Well, ladies are generally regarded as fashionistas, whereas gents have a reputation of being careless about their looks. 

But that is a misconception, even if seems correct. 

In fact, men love dressing up, but they want to do it at minimum expense. Unlike women who love splashing out money like anything to get their hands on their favorite fashion products. 

Therefore, men can be attributed as equally fashionable like women, but with a different set of choices. 

Who Is More Fashionable, Men or Women?

If you find yourself falling in the same category and are eager to know how you can adopt affordable fashion for men and look like a million dollars at a fraction, let’s us help you.

Following are some of the best tips handpicked by our men’s fashion experts to help you rediscover yourself. 

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #1. Know the Fashion You Want

Well, here we go!

This the first step towards your fashionable-self. That necessarily means you sort out your choices.

For instance, if you have allocated $100 to spend on clothes, would you rather buy 10 dollar shirts from a low-cost store like Target or go for a single sweater from an expensive brand like Neiman Marcus?

Basically, it works either way. Yet, the majority of men like the idea of going for the fancy option.

The best strategy that we would suggest is to find the middle ground. A $50 sweater with 5 shirts would do the trick for you.

This way, you get the perfect mix of quality and quantity and get closer to your dream look. 

Affordable fashion for men ideas

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #2. Inspect Your Wardrobe and Review What You Already Have

Men have some favorite colors, and they buy the same-colored stuff again n again. This practice results in the accumulation of single-colored dresses in their closet. 

If the same is the case facing you, then you desperately need to face your wardrobe in turn.

And if the results are something like the following, you need some serious reshuffling. If you…

  • have tons of blue things, but none red.
  • literally own 100 t-shirts but zero date-worthy clothes.
  • discovered some pants you never wore because they needed ironing.
  • have nice dress shoes, but they are as old as your first job.

Such results paint a worrisome picture and presents enough evidence to let you know what you are lacking in your bid to make a fashion statement. 

Affordable fashion for men wardrobe

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #3. Get Rid of Old Clothes: Sale or Trade Them

Now that you know what you have but don’t need to be there, it is time to follow the next rule. 

Affordable fashion for men suffers a great setback due to men’s proneness to keep the same old clothes for ages just because they don’t feel like shopping.


Less do they realize that their clothes can become their identity.

The best way to see them off is to sell or trade them. You can auction your extra stuff on eBay, Facebook neighborhood sale groups, or at thrift stores. 

This would gain you a pretty penny, which you can spend to meet your new fashion goals. 

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #4. Shop the Classics

Rule three did you two favors, decluttered our wardrobe, and filled your pocket with bucks.

So, what now? 

Now is the time to actually make the best out of the affordable fashion for men by shopping some classics. To kick-off, first, make a list of all the items that would make a dream wardrobe for you. 

It is up to you if you want to fill a small closet with high-quality, expensive clothes or a massive closet with low-quality, cheap clothes.

Again, our fashion experts suggest that you should be filling a medium-sized closet with decent outfits. 

And when you decide to purchase, go for classics and give them a touch of latest trends. 

For instance, get a perfectly fitting pair of pants coupled with a no-wrinkle shirt and match them with a vest or a bow tie. 

The classic look is timeless, and you can always make it more interesting by adding your own unique flair. 

Affordable fashion for men

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #5. Buy Fewer Fashion Products

We never get bored with shopping, do we? But the problem is that we always seem to fall short of money when we try. 

Therefore, the finest way to be trendy on a budget is to buy fewer things. Write down things you need and scale them to only those you really love.

And if you think you will fall short of style this way, then look at the mathematics below.

If you own 20 shirts, 10 pants, and 5 shorts, you have 300 outfit ideas.

Yup, you read that right. 

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #6. Set A Monthly Spending Limit

Is there anything worse than having a limit on your spending?

Yes, spending all your savings is worst.

And that is exactly why setting monthly spending goals is a vital part of affordable fashion.

The amount can vary for man to man, but make sure it is rational and is in accordance with your earnings. 

Being fashionable is everyone’s right. Make sure you do not get this right stripped off yourself.

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #7. Keep Your Online Shopping In Check

Let’s just admit that online shopping is addictive. When an ad of something you happen to adore passes through your timeline with a catchy caption, it becomes hard to control, we agree.

However, your decision at that crucial time decides whether you will have your budget disturbed or not.

Add to that the risk factor that comes with online shopping. You order your size, and when it reaches your feet, it just doesn’t fit.

There goes your hard-earned money.

However, that doesn’t mean online shopping is mere scams. But make sure you have your budget figured out and read reviews before ordering.

Affordable fashion for men, keep online shopping under check

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #8. Make Use of Thrift And Consignment Stores

You do not need to spend lavishly on the latest brands while roaming around those flabbergasting malls when you can get a similar quality product with a much lower price tag.

Consignment stores are a blessing for all those men who often find themselves being tight on their budget.

These stores offer second-hand items at a mere fraction of the original price.

Therefore, do not let them skip your sight because who knows you might find a Gucci shirt for an unbelievable price? 

And the best part is that many consignment stores are offering their services online. Hence, if you feel awkward going to that consignment store at the corner of your street, go online.

Thrift store for affordable fashion for men

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #9. Purchase Off-Season Clothes

Smart ideas are rare, so when you find one, stick to it. And one of those smart ideas to save many bucks is to acquire off-season outfits.

But it doesn’t make sense, right?

Wrong. In fact, you might find a price difference of up to 50%. It is because many brands put off-season discount sales to make way for on-season attires.

That is the time for you to make your move and stock some nice off-season outfits.

You can also buy clothes before the season arrives, like buying winter clothes before autumn kicks in, to see some of the most economical price tags.

Affordable fashion for men

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #10. Go Shopping with a Buddy

A friend in need is a friend indeed, right? Then why not bring one with you when you are out and about shopping?

And that friend must be briefed first that his mission is to keep a check on what you decide to buy.

Thus, whenever you seem to be falling for an out-of-budget item, he grabs your hand and drags you out of the shop.

But beware, the friend should be strong of his resolve lest he should fall for the same trap.

Pro tip: Leave your credit cards at home and only take cash with you.

Affordable fashion for men, friends shopping

Affordable Fashion for Men Rule #11. Stay Updated with The Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion

It might be hard right now live a luxurious life studded with fashion. But it is never an uphill task to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

Especially in the age of social media, all the information is at your fingertips. In fact, there a number of trends that are hitting the market every month regarding men’s fashion.

Also, affordable fashion for men is a transition period, not the ultimate goal.

So, keep learning about fashion more and more so that when your time to follow luxury fashion arrives, you are well prepared.

Such knowledge will never go in vain and will come in handy when you decide to go shopping.

The easiest way to do that is by following social media pages for fashion as well as subscribing to fashion websites YouTube channels.

Fashion Accord, Fashion Blog

Affordable Fashion for Men #The Golden Rule

While you follow all the fashion trends and become as presentable as possible, know this that your worth isn’t defined by your looks.

Your clothes do not make you a different person, your mindset does.

Fashion is only a tool to showcase yourself and your confidence in a more convincing way.

Therefore, keep chasing your dreams and let your fashion choices help you throughout.

Final Thoughts

Getting the knack of affordable fashion for men might not sound a child’s play. But if you follow the tips enlisted above, you will find yourself very much on the track, if not the destination itself.

It is your time to bring the loooong overdue change in yourself, don’t let it slip. Make choices, get dressed, impress people, repeat.

And who knows you might find a beautiful girl in the process.

High hopes.



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