Best Guide to the 80s Fashion

80s Fashion — The Ultimate Guide

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History repeats itself, so does fashion. The return of 80s fashion into the limelight is not surprising.

In fact, if there’s a fashion era that’s rich enough to deservingly make a comeback, it’s 80s fashion.

No ifs, ands or buts about it.

The 80s was an exciting and game-changing decade for fashion. It was bold, bright, and all-inclusive. 

It was so ripe for fashion that even men embraced it to the core and showcased their fashion statement proudly. 

In short, the 80s revolutionized the fashion game, and in this article, we will discuss the 80s fashion in a very detailed manner.

But, before we go into the past, make sure you stay updated with the present by reading Quarantine Fashion — How to Stay Cool Amid COVID-19?  

Let’s get started!

So, What does 80s Fashion refer to?

The 1980s was a decade full of excessive and maximalist trends. It was so broad that it catered to both men and women for all their fashion needs.

Not only 80s fashion was fantastic at fashion options but also it was a pretty affordable fashion for men as well as women.

The 80s also boasts the credit of introducing the world to a wide range of fashion-forward trends such as hip-hop, workout, preppy, rock, and punk styles.  

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Why 80s fashion became so popular?

There are many reasons why the 80s became a hotspot for trends. 

The 70s was a difficult time filled with political chaos and economic instabilities. The 80s came as a much-needed respite for people all over the globe. 

Therefore, the 80s ushered a whole new era of optimism and conservative values. Society became more materialistic and consumer-oriented.

Scientific advance and resultant entertainment tools became very popular, and people got their hands on VCRs and cable services. 

Moreover, MTV was established in 1981, which motivated people to resist against the yuppie culture. The newly launched cable system had a massive impact on the youth and their fashion choices. 

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Such awareness about celebrities and their looks made many people copy their style. The same was the case with the silver screen.

Movies like St. Elmo’s Fire and The Breakfast Club became a reference point for fashion enthusiasts. 

It was the unusual yet amazing aura of 80s fashion that made Alyssa Milan, a famous author, say:

The thing that I really love about the 80s is, there was a sense of hand made-ness about fashion then. You could have a pair of jeans and dump some bleach on them, and make them something that was really trendy for that era. 

80s Fashion Trends

The scope of any era of fashion can be gauged by the room it provided for new trends to emerge. If we judge by this standard, 80s fashion is miles ahead of any era. 

Numerous trends that emerged in the 80s went in and out even after decades. The 80s fresh trends are very much in the game, even in the 2020s.

Therefore, it is important to discuss each of the 80s fashion trends in detail. 

Best of 80s Men’s Fashion Trends

Men can easily draw inspiration from the 80s fashion for their attires and looks in the current era and for years to come.

Did you ever wonder what did men wear in the 80s?

If you are a man and have a knack for 80s men’s costumes, read on. Because we have picked some of the best of 80’s men’s fashion trends for you.

Here we go.

1. Casual Trend for Men From 80s Fashion

80s fashion, 80s fashion for men, Casual Trend for Men From 80s Fashion
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The casual fashion trend was cornerstone of the 80s fashion. It got its name from the casual look it blessed its follower with. 

Men loved wearing don dad jeans in true letter and spirit, often pairing with a matching denim jacket. Casual fashion also came with loose shirts and T-shirts.

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Some of the favorites outwear choices of men during the 80s were leather jackets, bomber jackets, and windbreakers. Sweaters were also the choice of a large number of men.  

Casual fashion also reflected itself in the footwear as white sneakers were considered to be the ultimate choice of men to don a perfect casual look.  

  • Slim Fit Leather Jacket
  • Bomber Jacket
  • Cotton Twill Chinos
  • Button-Down Shirt
  • Collar Cotton Piqué Shirt
  • Air Force 1 ’07 Leather Sneakers

2. The hip-hop trend from 80s Fashion

Another popular fashion trend from the ’80s that inspired many men was the hip-hop trend. As the name suggests, hip-hop got recognition from music stars and rappers, including the members of Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C, and N.W.A.

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The hip-hop style could be easily spotted by its knack for oversized silhouettes. 

The 80s men’s clothing for hip-hop fashion included:

  • Baggy clothes 
  • Sports wears
  • Athletic caps 
  • Sneakers
  • Statement accessories like chains and bracelets
  • Denim baseball cap
  • Engineer workwear 
  • Selvedge denim jeans
  • Triple s leather and mesh sneakers
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3. 80s Preppy Fashion

80s fashiion, 80s fashion for men, 80s Preppy Fashion for men
Image via thetrendspotter

Preppy fashion also performed a crucial role in the ’80s. Where hip-hop fashion typically featured dark-colored attires, preppy fashion brought into light something new.  

And flamboyant.

Preppy outfits showcased bright colors such as different shades of yellow, pink, yellow, and blue. 

Preppy looks were mostly related to rich teenagers and had a considerable influence of classic conservative styles. 

The 80s men’s clothing for preppy fashion included:

  • Button-down shirts 
  • Polos 
  • Cuffed khakis
  • Argyle sweaters
  • Tasseled loafers
  • Boat shoes
  • Slacks
  • Herringbone wool tasseled loafers
  • Slim fit garment-dyed chinos
  • Button-down collar tie-dyed poplin shirt
  • Cashmere blend sweater
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4. 80s Workout Fashion

80s fashion, 80s Workout Fashion, 80s workout fashion fro men
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If you think athleisure is the product of the 21st century, you are wrong. In fact. It was one of the most favorite looks of men at that time. 

80s workout fashion gained popularity due to the rapidly rising craze of aerobics and fitness. 

Workout fashion was so elaborate that it introduced a massive range of sportswear styles both for ladies and gents. However, gents’ workout fashion gained much more popularity.

80s men’s clothing for workout fashion included:

  • Chunky sneakers
  • Sweatpants
  • Tracksuits 
  • Windbreakers
  • Athletic shorts
  • Sweatbands
  • Sweatshirt
  • Baggy t-shirt
  • Embroidered striped track jacket
  • Striped stretch mesh tank top
  • Embroidered striped velour sweatpants
  • Leather sneakers
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5. 80s Summer Fashion

80s fashion, 80s Summer Fashion for men
Image via thetrendspotter

If we talk about the iconic trend of 80s fashion, it has got to be the Summer fashion. 

Just like the vibes of summer, this trend was all about lively colors, abstract patterns, short-sleeved shirts, and short shorts. 

One of the most favorite items from this trend was the crop tops. They were worn boxy with a cut across the front. 

80s men’s clothing for summer fashion included:

  • Slim Fit pants
  • Checked Trousers 
  • Cropped Trousers
  • Crepe Shirt
  • Leather Loafers
  • Reversible Leather Belt

6. 80s Rock Fashion

80s fashion, 80s Rock Fashion for men, 80s men’s clothing for rock fashion
Image via thetrendspotter

Just like everything the 80s stood for, the rock fashion was also about excess and maximalism. 

Rock fashion reflected its name in big hair, wild clothing, and plenty of makeup. 

Since rock looks have a unique aura, leather had a big say in the 80s rock fashion and was used excessively, especially in jackets and accessories.

Rock fashion also promoted hair accessories, jewelry, headbands. Men absolutely loved to rock the rock look in the mid-80s. 

80s men’s clothing for rock fashion included

  • Cotton Jerseys 
  • T-shirts
  • Full-grain jackets
  • Biker leather jackets
  • Rutherford Leather Boots
  • Leather jewelry and accessories
  • Lancelot Leather Trousers

7. 80s Punk Fashion for Men

80s fashion, 80s Punk Fashion for men, 80s men’s clothing for punk fashion
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While the ’80s rock fashion was about a glam style, the 80s punk fashion was more into edgier looks.  

Just like rock fashion, punk fashion also used a lot of leather to boast its uniqueness. However, the added features were excessive hardware and catchy hairstyles. 

Bright colored mohawks and spikes were pretty much in trend, and men made the best out of them. 

80s men’s clothing for rock fashion included:

  • Leather Biker Jacket
  • Printed Cotton-Jersey T-shirts
  • Skin fit jeans
  • Denim jeans
  • Leather boots
  • Embellished pants

There were many more trends as well, but those above mentioned gained the most widespread popularity. 

Now that you know the 80s fashion trends for men, it is time to get to know each of the fashion items in detail.

So that when you want to rock the 80s look in 2020s

Nothing can stop you.

Suits From 80s Fashion

80s fashion, Suits From 80s Fashion
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The 80s was a time of creative overflow for fashion, and designers were making sure none of the fashion aficionados remains unattended.

Thus, suits also saw some changes.

Suits in the 80s came with oversized with broad shoulders. Both casual and formal suits displayed the same change.

However, business people and office workers preferred pinstripe suits coupled with a shirt, tie, and suspenders. 

And when it was time to get dressed for informal activities, pastel-colored suits were the most obvious pick, paired with crew-neck T-shirts instead mostly.

So, if you want to replicate the same in this era, make sure you let your suits tailor know your preferences.

  • Pinstriped Virgin Wool Blend Suit
  • Black Wide Leg Pinstriped Blend Suit
  • Leather Brogues
  • White-Collar Cotton Poplin Suit

Shirts from 80s Fashion

men's shirts from 80s Fashion
Image via thetrendspotter

80s fashion shirts can be categorized into two main types, just like suits. They were either casual or formal, nothing in between.

But isn’t that exactly we look forward to?

At least in the 80s, these two types of shirts could do the trick for you for any occasion. 

Bakers, businessmen, office workers usually liked to go for banker and striped shirts. And for casual outfits, brightly colored, patterned shirts with loose-fitting were in.

Polo shirts were also a thing of great interest for men back in the days.

  • Moncler Polo Shirt
  • Charvet Striped Shirt
  • Gucci Polo Shirt
  • Enlist Printed Shirt
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T-Shirts from 80s Fashion

Men's T-Shirts from 80s Fashion
Image via thetrendspotter

T-shirts can simply be attributed as the most iconic outfit item in 80s fashion.

The reason being their ability to be worn with almost everything from jeans to suits. Some of the most popular T-shirt styles were crop tops and baseball t-shirts. 

The majority of the Ts featured logos, slogans, and bold prints to catch the eye. 

T-shirts were loose, bright in hues, and readily available for every occasion throughout the 80s. 

  • Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt
  • Logo Print T-Shirt
  • Fragment Printed T-Shirt
  • Slim Fit Logo Flocked Mélange Cotton Jersey T Shirt

Jeans From 80s Fashion

Men's Jeans From 80s Fashion
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80s fashion was a good time for jeans lovers as well because jeans were the main fashion item in many of the 80s fashion trends. 

The iconic dad jeans were the favorite jeans of trendy people along with acid jeans.

All they had to do is pick up a moderately faded blue relaxed fit jeans with a tapered leg or pin rolled bottoms, and that’s it. 

Dad jeans have made a robust comeback and now widely available at the stores for you to rock that classic look.

Some of the most favorite jeans were: 

  • Brunello Cuccinelli Jeans
  • Frame Blue Jeans
  • Saint Laurent Jeans
  • Gucci Denim Jeans

Jackets from 80s Fashion

Men's Jackets from 80s Fashion
Image via thetrendspotter

Jackets and 80s fashion went hand in hand. Jackets were so popular in the 80s that they never saw a decline in their demand.

And they are popular even now.

Men in the 80s loved bomber jackets, denim jackets, and leather jackets. And the best part about jackets was that they were there in almost all fashion trends and complemented the looks of wearer accordingly. 

  • Logo Printed Jacket
  • Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Wool Bomber Jacket
  • Gaston Shell Bomber Jacket
  • Denim Slim Fit Jacket
  • Textured Leather Biker Jacket

Power suits From 80s Fashion

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One of the key ingredients of the recipe of 80s style were power suits. The corporate deregulation and the rise of Wall Street’s wolves in the 80s were the main reasons for power suits to kick in.

Power suits belong to the power dressing style of the 80s. Power suits refer to those suits that are made for men but worn by women.

Women saw such suits as a means to establish and exercise authority in professional and political areas usually dominated by men.

And to be very frank, this trick did work for them.

Looks matter after all.  

But that doesn’t mean men did not wear power suits at all. In fact, it was regarded as pretty decent and suitable attire by men. 

Power suits do well with suspenders and white shirts. 

High top sneakers from 80s Fashion

High top sneakers from 80s Fashion
Image via depop

It would be unfair to talk about 80s fashion without mentioning high top sneakers.

The footwear from 80s fashion revolved mostly around sneakers, and high-top sneakers topped the list.

The general rule of thumb in the 80s was the bigger, the better, and footwear was no exception. High top sneakers catered to the look of many of the 80s fashion trends. 

Those high-top sneakers from Nike and other reputable brands are popular even today, thanks to the 80s fashion.

Some Additional key pieces…

There are many more fashion products from the 80s that helped the era become as remarkable as it was.

Those include Tracksuits, Oversized printed shirts, silk shirts, Polo shirts, and Destroyed denim, etc. 

80s Accessories for Men

80s Accessories for Men, 80s fashion
Image via thetrendspotter

If you want to know it all about 80s fashion or want to replicate the same looks, you can’t do that without familiarizing yourself with 80s accessories.

These accessories weren’t only helpful but also complemented the styles and looks. 

The following are some of the 80s accessories for men.

Bum Bags

Bum bags were small bags that wrapped around the bum. 

You could keep your little valuables in it, such as a camera, watch, cash, and other useful stuff.

Although bum bags were introduced in 1962, it was not until the 80s before they became widely popular.

They came in different shapes and colors to cater to both men and women.  

And the best thing about bum bags is that they have made a comeback and are available on sale at many stores. 

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Chunky White Sneakers

Chunky White Sneakers
Image via thetrendspotter

80s fashion was obsessed with sneakers, and chunky white sneakers were the reason why.

These have been one of the most favorite footwear of men and women equally.

Their white color and neat look were perfect for anyone to make a statement. No wonder why chunky white sneakers are one of the best accessories of 80s fashion.

 Colorful and Reflective Sunglasses

 Colorful and Reflective Sunglasses from 80s fashion
Image via vintagesunglasses

The vividness and vibrance of 80s fashion were made even more so by the sunglasses that were famous those days. 

Those sunglasses were colorful and reflective, and you could tell from far away is someone wore it and passed by.

Some of the most popular sunglasses were Ray-Ban and its replicas, Wayfarer, Shutter Shades Neon, Aviators, Club master, cyclops, and clear lens geek glasses.

Gold Chains

Another accessory that found voice during the 80s fashion was gold chains. This look was popularized by hip-hop rappers such as Big Daddy, Slick Rick, Juice Crew, and Run DMC, etc.

These thick and flashy gold chains were worn to showcase luxury and power.  

You can still see hip-hoppers wearing such chains and rocking on in the 2020s. 

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Swatch Watches

Swatch Watches from 80s fashion
Image via Swatch

Although the swatch watches are associated with 80s kids, but the truth is that a large number of men also loved them.

Swatch watches were low-cost, vibrant, and almost indestructible. 

 They came in many colors so that one could match it with virtually every outfit. Men wore it on parties and casual events, whereas kids were so fond of them that they wore them all the time.

And the best part is that swatch watches are back in fashion. Although they are not giving a tough time to smartwatches, but they are good enough to provide a unique flair to your beach look.

Bolo Ties

Bolo Ties from 80s fashion
Image via purewow

Bolo ties remained official neckwear of Arizona in the 70s. However, it was the 80s when they got nationwide and then worldwide recognition. 

Bolo ties were seen as a perfect alternative to old-style ties. Jon Cryer even wore Bolo Tie to the Oscars in 1986.

Track Suits

What about a comfortable and unusual attire for a fashion statement? 

“Hell yeah!”, said the 80s men. 

Therefore, with a sudden craze for athleisure and fitness, tracksuits provided with a wonderful option to look fashionable.

This athletic wear that included windbreakers, tank tops, and chunky sweaters became a rage. 

They remained popular even during the 90s.

Hip hopers employed athletic wear in their own style by pairing Adidas tracksuits with matching sneakers and chunky gold jewelry.

  • Adidas Athletics Tiro 19 sweatpants
  • Adidas Originals track jacket 
  • Vintage Shell Jacket 
  • Bright Colored Swimsuits
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80s Hairstyles for Men

So, what comes into your mind while thinking about men’s hairstyles in the 80s? 

Long hair or bald? 

Sticky with the excess use of oil? 

No, it’s totally opposite to what you connote today. 

The 80s has got a diverse range of styles as the decade didn’t disappoint its followers. 

You’ll be surprised to know that hairstyles of that time are back and are being adopted as modern styles. 

Whether it’s flat top or alluring perm, long waves, or bleached hair, all have taken a recent comeback! 

Let’s probe into all of them one by one:

1. Mullet

80s Hairstyles for Men, Mullet hairstyle
Image via menshairstylestoday

The mullet was primarily a style in the 80s glam rock period, then it took an athletic turn in the 90s, and it is now coming back once more.

 If you really want your hairstyle to be prominent in the crowd and also give you a stunning modern guise, it would be a great idea to have a mullet haircut. 

You can add some extra edge to your mullet with the help of facial hair. 

It not only boosts the manliness of mullet but also offers a dominant look. Be that as it may, it takes time, and various cosmetics to maintain its appealing look.

2. Flat Top

80s Hairstyles for Men,flat top hairstyle
mage via menshairstylestoday

Initially designed for the military crew, the flat top haircut was the most popular style of the US Army in the 80s. 

Flat top, comprehensively, is any haircut where the hair are cut or shaped to look flat and equal across the top of the head. 

This was adopted by the hip-hop community at that time. The hair are short on back and sides, slim, and stretch the face profile. 

It means if your head is peanut-shaped, then you have got an ideal 80s hairstyle to cover up.

3. Tall Mohawk

80s Hairstyles for Men, Tall mohawk hairstyle
Image via coolmenshair

Certainly, the typical Mohawk of the 80s era was rebellious and needed abundant care and high maintenance. 

Though, the distinctions from the novel have positively paved the way for all types of men’s hairstyles. 

In the contemporary world, some might think that Mohawk is outdated. 

On the flip side, it has, in fact, risen in fame steadily. 

You can also give a lofty mohawk a more elegant feel by slicking it back or giving it a craggy, manly twist by blending it with facial hair to live the 80s look.

4. Perm

80s Hairstyles for Men, perm hairstyle
Image via menshairstylestoday

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the bushy perm is now pretty much-outmoded fashion.

But it was quite famous during the 80s.

However, numerous latest hair perms really look attractive. Perms are fashioned utilizing various chemicals to alter hair roughness, by either making waves or twists. 

Conventionally, a hairdresser wrapped hair in rods before placing perm lotion on. Once the moisturizer completely settled, the hairdresser rinsed it thoroughly and dried hair. 

In the modern era, the use of rods is replaced by various creams. So, it is now possible to keep perms as long as possible by playing some tricks. 

5. High Top Fade

80s Hairstyles for Men, high top fade hairstyle
Image via ppcornn

The high-top fade got popular in the hip-hop age of the 80s. 

At that time, a smooth and angular kind of high-top fades were trendy looks for men. 

Nowadays, it is totally up to you to choose a high-top fade type in accordance with your desires. Whether your high-top fade is paired with curls or a line-up, the result is always amazing.

6. Jheri Curl

80s Hairstyles for Men, Jheri curl hairstyle
Image via awesomelyluvvie

In simple words, a Jheri curl speaks of a twisting style or permed look. 

During the 1980s, it was an ideal hairstyle for black men. 

Most of the singers and superstars of that era loved to wear Jheri curl. 

Moreover, it is an alluring style that has a historical appeal and can be styled on all hair sizes.

Hence, if you also want to have a lustrous look, giving it a try might prove to be a great idea.

7. Long Waves

80s Hairstyles for Men, long waves hairstyle, 80s fashion
Image via qgstyle

Not only in the 80s’ but long, wavy and curly hair were trendy even centuries ago. 

It only got globally famous in the 80s and continues to be so even in the modern world. 

Most of the stylists combine long waves with fade colors. Employing a wave brush, cap, and pomade, you can add style to black hair by making a spring around the head. 

Smoothly unruffled and relaxed, the style appears as decent today as it did back in the 80s.

8. Slick Back

80s Hairstyles for Men, slick back  hairstyle, 80s fashion
Image via thetrendspotter

If you need inspiration for a slick back hairstyle, look no further than the 1987 movie Wall Street. 

Back then, the haircut was a favorite among stockbrokers and businessmen. 

Today, it’s popular with guys everywhere. 

To maintain the wet look of the slick back, use gel and a glossing spray instead of more matte products when you style your hair and use a fine comb.

9. Pompadour 

80s Hairstyles for Men, pompadour hairstyle, 80s fashion
Image via menhairstylesworld

At its simplest, Pompadour is an 80s hairstyle type in which hair are needed to be brushed up and back over the head. 

The sides and back are combed tidily and retained close to the head like a sort of quiff, and is formed by the longer hair at forward-facing. 

Due to the volume, it was quite popular about three decades back. 

You can go for slick pompadour to be prominent and donning a traditional ultra-high look. 

10. Elephant Trunk 

80s Hairstyles for Men, Elephant trunk hairstyle, 80s fashion
Image via haircutinspiration

The elephant trunk that first came in the 1950s was known as the messy pompadour among the Greasers.

However, it became trendy later in the ’80s and a great credit goes to Rockabilly. 

It was worn by Duckie in the classic movie Pretty in Pink, and it is still a strong statement today.

11. Long Comb Over with Texture

80s Hairstyles for Men, long comb over hairstyle, 80s fashion
Image via coolmenshair

The long comb over with texture hairstyle was one of the most casual and less time taking styles of the 80s.

 Parting hair on the side and blow-drying it upwards created an uplift making the hair more voluminous rather than plane for the classic 80’s finish drove many men crazy.

In order to make the hairstyle more relaxed rather than fluffy, 80s men used a texturizing powder or spray and work it through to add some definition to the hair.

12. Pink Hair

80s Hairstyles for Men, pink hair hairstyle, 80s fashion
Image via coolmenshair

Peculiar hair color like pink was part of the subculture’s style and also 80’s new wave movement. 

Men were into pink hair color as it made them look unique and trendy without compromising on the statement.

Hence, if you are working in a creative industry, pink hair reflect on your character and boldness. 

Hair color like pink gives men a bit more unruly and seditious feel.

80s Fashion for Women

Too much talking about men, eh? Well, the most significant contributor and benefactor of the 80s fashion were men.

But that doesn’t mean women were far behind.

In fact, women played a big role in making the 80s fashion a huge success.

Therefore, it is high time we discussed the 80s fashion for women as well. 

For the 80s women, fashion was prismatic, dashy, gallant, and in a few cases, extravagant. 

Those who have roots in the 1980s can certainly flashback to the numerous fashion crazes that appeared in that era. 

The majority of the trends were accepted gladly, while very few had to face rejection on a public scale. 

Listed below are some of the most favorite attire key pieces of 80s women.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads from  80s Fashion for Women
Image via thetrendspotter

Having shoulder pads in the shirts, women had an attractive and charming look. 

This trend was mainly popularized T.V. characters. 

Like in the T.V. show Dynasty of the Decade, large shoulder pads were used by the ladies. 

Similarly, thrilling T.V. characters such as Krystle Carrington and Alex Carrington needed the same clothing to leave a deep impression on the audience.

It didn’t take very long before shoulder pads became an integral part of ladies’ outfits. 

Some pads were detachable, but some were long-lasting, giving women the look of a rugby linebacker.

Leggings and Mini Skirts

Embed from Getty Images

Ladies from any age prick their ears up when they hear about skirts. 

Miniskirts were dominant earlier in the 1960s. Afterward, they returned to the fashion home with a number of varieties in the 80s. 

In the 1960s, women used to wear skirts bounded with go-go boots while the 1980s miniskirts were often made of denim or elastic fabric and were skinny and choky. 

And of course, miniskirts in the 80s were aided with leggings or legwarmers.

Exercise / Workout Clothes 

Nobody can deny the trendy environment of fitness and exercise in the 1980s. 

This shows that women of that decade were well aware of the fruits of health and fitness. 

Any self-asserting lady could be seen in legwarmers, headbands, and leotards, but soon jeans, miniskirts, and tights took the place of legwarmers in the gym. 

Those legwarmers were accessible in all colors, and sometimes multiple chromatic legwarmers were noticed on many legs during their times of dominance.

Embed from Getty Images

Flashdance Fashion

Flashdance from  80s Fashion for Women
Image via mirror80

A new fancy trend took flight when Jennifer Beals displayed her off-shoulder slackened costume on the Flash dance posters. 

This was a very casual and easy-going appearance for ladies. So, they adopted it pretty fast, and it became a top trend during its heyday. 

This very casual look wasn’t suitable for an office environment but except that the off-shoulders shirts were used everywhere; in the malls, parks, and even schools.

Neon Fashion in the 80s

Are the neon colors comfortable to wear and carry? 

Of course not! 

Were women afraid of wearing them?

Again, not!

In the 1980s, these extra bright colors became prominent in every dress code, jewelry, and even makeup. 

The matching neon pinks, blues, greens, yellows were used in the makeup lines. The jewelry was employed for an additional sparkling effect. 

At last, after a brief time, women realized the super brightness of these colors, and neon fashion became less trendy.

Just to make a comeback in 2015 and onwards.

80s Neon Fashion for women

Acid Washed Jeans

With neon colors, another style that ruled the 80s fashion of women int was the acid-washed jeans. 

These light jeans with neon-colored shirts made the girls feel splendid about their appearance.

And rightly so.

Acid washed jeans from 80s Fashion for Women
image via whowhatwear

Lingerie-inspired Feminine Look

Contrary to the shoulder pads and the men’s clothing, women in the eighties were also inspired by the idea of ultra-feminine looks. 

The elegant lady garments with laces were famous in that era, giving girls a graceful yet striking look. 

Madonna made the most noteworthy lingerie-inspired clothing.

In the same way, Feminine suits also earned their place in the 80s. Big ruffles were employed with much excitement. 

Certain short dresses overjoyed the effect of the skirts, and some slim and gorgeous ladies used to carry modest and self-effacing dress codes too. 

Pencil skirts and large ruffles were seen everywhere abundantly. 

Women’s Preppy Style from 80s Fashion

When neon colors were in top trends, how could the preppy style stay behind? 

In the 1980s, Keds and puffy sleeves were usual constituents of clothing. 

The turtlenecks, blazers, knee-high socks, pencil skirts, sweaters tied around the neck, and pullover sweaters layered over turtle necks, and button-ups were a common sight. 

Plaid and wrap skirts tied at the hip were also trendy. 

Moreover, prismatic polo shirts and cool khaki pants were ubiquitous both in men and women of all ages.

Women’s Preppy Style from 80s Fashion
Image via canyouwhoopit

80 Fashion Accessories for Women

Irrespective of any particular era, showbiz celebrities and style icons have always played a vital role in introducing and popularizing fashion trends. 

The same was the case with Madonna when she first appeared in a music scene of the day. 

She made an appearance wearing common costume jewelry. 

And guess what?

Millions of her fans did the same and adopted all her styles. Her wannabes were the ones who set the trend of an endless number of bracelets, long necklaces, and crosses.

Fashion accessorizing is undeniably a creative struggle at any age. In the 80s, the first and foremost thing that was kept in mind while designing any stylish shoes, dresses, or accessories was the color. 

However, the color wasn’t the only decisive factor. The cuts and the way girls carried outfits and even jewelry also mattered a great deal.

Some of the fashion accessories of the 80s are enlisted below.


Scrunchies made themselves known in the style world just as legwarmers did in the gym. 

Basically, scrunchies are a type of hair accessories that were meant for workout or gym sessions. 

They kept the hair away from the face and helped exercising comfortably. 

Since the 80s was also a decade of athleisure, scrunchies were bound to be famous.

And they are effortless to wash. 

Scrunchies from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
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Different types of gloves ruled over different periods.

But in the 1980s, gloves that were on every hand were much different from those of the perfect white ones that remained in the trend among ladies for a brief time. 

During the decade, gloves adorned with sequins propagated by Michael Jackson and the delicate, fingerless gloves decorated with laces popularized by Madonna made waves across the fashion world.

Gloves from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
Image via montyburns56.tumblr


Headbands were among the determiners of the preppy style of the 1980s. 

Several headband styles emerged during the era. 

Some were gutsy, vibrant, and crazy enough to be remembered, and some are appreciated even today.

Headbands from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
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Fingerless gloves 

The gloves popularized by Billy Idol and Madonna were presented in several colors and designs. 

Some elongated fingerless gloves that covered the whole forearm were common. 

While some were short just to cover the wrist.

Whichever style they were, they helped 80s women attaining their dream look in many ways.

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Plastic Jewelry

Currentlythe costume jewelry isin the trend, but in the earlier days, the sole focus was on plastic that was bright-colored and enormous in size. 

Just imagine the looks with big hoop earrings, broad square-shaped bangles, heavy pendants … exciting, isn’t it?


Legwarmers are not out of fashion until today.

But the pleasing effect that those legwarmers of 80s had is absent. 

In those days, legwarmers of every color were readily available, and you could keep on counting the number of women warming their legs with them.

They were so liked that women wore them irrespective of the fact whether they were going to work out at the gym or shopping. 

There were tons of designs available to cater to any fashion statement.

Legwarmers from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
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Socks might not be worth noticing accessories in the fashion world today. 

But the women of the 1980s wangled themselves to create a fashion standard by having on a pair of socks with various attractive colors.

Thus, socks were a prerequisite to any fashionable look.

Socks from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
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Headwear of the 80s was richer than that of the 2020s.

And that’s for real.

The plain blackish fedora hats enjoyed great fame in the era of the eighties and even the nineties. 

They were equally popular among women and men. From Boy George to Debbie Gibson, everyone had a fair share of love for black fedoras.

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Rubber Bracelets

 Some fashion trends became popular among teenagers and students. 

The same was the case with rubber bracelets in the 1980s.

The students of the middle and high school welcomed this prismatic style warmly and continued for an expanded time period. 

Usually, an arm of teenagers covered with distinct colors could be easily observed during the 80s.

Rubber bracelets from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
Image via Partycity

Swatch watches

Nobody can deny the crest fame of the swatch watches in the 1980s. 

Indeed, for some women, it wasn’t just a watch; it was proof of awareness of all the fashion trends of the time for them. 

Both men and women were passionate about having two swatch watches on their wrist for an elegant look. 

It was very consistent to catch a glimpse of a girl with a subtle raised ponytail and a swatch watch on her wrist.

Charm necklaces

If you are interested in knowing the eighties fashion and its consciousness for colors, you must know the charm necklaces used at that time. 

Because these necklaces with various contrast colors are an accurate representation of the 1980s fashion and color sense. 

Charm necklaces were the plastic chain links that were glued with different clipped chokers, available in all bright colors. 

Some of them were functional like pens, notebooks while others were designed specifically like lipstick tubes, baseball bats, etc.

Charm Necklace from 80s Fashion Accessories for Women
Image via Etsy

Banana Clips

Banana clips add to the elegance and firmness of a ponytail look. 

It is amongst the most famous hair accessories of the 1980s. 

These clips are banana-shaped, pulled apart in the center to fasten the hairs together at the top, sides, or the bun. 

Most of the women used banana clips to hold their ponies without compromising on style.

Banana clips from 80s Fashion Accessories for Women
Image via timecapsule

Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes were well-known among school girls. 

They used to wear these bright colored, plastic, and semitransparent flats, feeling cool. 

These shoes returned in the 2000s but couldn’t regain their spot in the fashion industry.

Jelly shoes from 80 Fashion Accessories for Women
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Who can forget the peak of converse in the days of the 1980s? 

The popular commercial tinkle, “Converse is gonna make you star,” was everywhere.

It would not be wrong to claim that every woman felt like a star wearing those simple, casual shoes with All-Star tops of the company.

Men and women equally appreciated converses.

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80s Fashion Jewelry

The main characteristic of the 80s was that people were trying to explore their individual fashion standards. 

Jewelry was not just a fashion accessory.

Instead, it became the source of creating a statement. 

The elite class of society could represent their wealth by wearing massive, fashionable, and nice jewelry. 

The middle class used low-cost jewelry to showcase their own style and choice. This was because a heavy gold necklace that was the symbol of excellent fashion sense was out of access for many people. 

Another reason can be that the jewelry makers were encouraged to break the barrier of specific designs and dig into new and stylish materials.

Key pieces from 80s Jewelry

From outsized grid earrings to super bright bangles, there are hundreds of types of jewelry that determine the fashion statements of the 1980s.

Some of them are:


There were many fashionable and stylish earrings in the fashion world of the 1980s like Oversize hoop earrings and Gold Disc Earrings.

Clip-on earrings were famous because some styles were hefty to wear.

More specifically, outsized circular earrings were in. The stylish gold disc earrings were the symbol of grace. 

Various twinkling gold buttons fixed in jackets and suits, imitative pearls, and faux gemstones were also among the favorites.

80s earrings, 80s Jewelry
Image via bestofthe80s


 It is a fact that a nice necklace adds to the grace and elegance of any lady. The popular styles of the necklaces of the eighties were Pendants and Beads.

Gold also featured in the 80s necklace range both in the form of real gold and gold-plated pieces. 

Numerous styles from beaded necklaces to large pendants were used to catch the attention

Cut glass, crystal, and other styles like chains of various colored imitation pearls with ends tied in a fastener were also a big hit.


Brooches were regarded as out of fashion and were put aside before the 1980s.

However, they made a dramatic comeback with a dazzling entry in the fashion world of the 80s.

Brooches of different sizes soon became the cornerstone of the 80s fashion owing to their adaptability and versatility.

80s brooches, 80s Jewelry, 80s fashion
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Rings are the key contributing factors in the sense of confidence, and richness for all the ladies of all eras and 80s was no exception.

Cocktail rings and other costume pieces that could be matched with different dresses were spot on throughout the decade.

80s rings, 80s Jewelry, 80s fashion
Image via depop


Likewise, bracelets offered massive opportunities to get a bold statement in the 80s. Most commonly worn bracelets that quickly caught attraction were:

  • Oversized bangles
  • Neon Jelly bracelets
  • Charm bracelets
  • Cuff bracelets
  • Friendship bracelets
80s bracelet, 80s Jewelry, 80s fashion
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Fashion Icons of the 1980s

One of the most effective ways to get the feel of 80s fashion sense is to go through the style icons of that decade.

There were many celebrities in the 80s that turned it to what it became. Some of them were:

Princess Diana

 The royal lady can be considered as the world’s most-followed style icon in her time. She inspired a whole generation with her fashion choices. She loved putting on large and bold chromatic stones.

80s fashion icons, 80s Diana
Image via whowhatwear

Dynasty and Dallas (a television series)

They used flashy, big featured pearls and enormous earrings. Their fashion sense greatly inspired the public of the time.

Cyndi Lauper  

Lauper’s 80s fashion was prominent, bold, and dashing thanks to different colors used in the jewelry, including beads, bracelets, etc. Women of the 80s saw her as an ideal fashion icon.


Madonna’s style ruled the whole decade. She was found wearing massive sparkling jewelry, oversized earrings, and beaded necklaces most of the time. Most importantly, she used to wear many bracelets of every type and of all colors in her arm that was the expression of rock in her personality. In short, she lived and breathed the 80s fashion.

Final Thoughts

taking into consideration the vastness, vibrance, and all-inclusiveness of the 80s fashion, it is safe to conclude that the 80s fashion stands tall among the fashion trends of all eras. No wonder why the 80s fashion is still followed and its trends keep coming back.

If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comment section below.

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