Fashion Tips for Men

202 Unusual Fashion Tips for Men — 2020 Edition

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Just like anything else in the world, fashion also offers tips.

However, since fashion seems limitless, so are the fashion tips.

And the best part is …

Their demand never dies.

People love to know more and more about fashion so that they can become more and more fashionable.

And men make the half of people.

So, let’s start with fashion tips for men.

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Below, our fashion experts have compiled 202 fashion tips for men that would help them stay trendy throughout 2020.

If you are a man, make them count. And if you are not, make your man make them count.

Men and Fashion

Fashion tips for men

Generally, and quite unfortunately, men are thought as less fashionable beings.

However, men need to change that.

For good.

And they need to realize that no volume of talent, charm, and intellect can help men overcome the vibes of a poor outfit.

On the other hand, a well-dressed and fashionable man finds a lot of confidence and charisma from within.

That’s why, fashion can turn the tables for men. Especially in these gloomy times when new fashion trends like Quarantine Fashion are on the rise, men need to be active more than ever.

Not only this, but men also tend to make fashion mistakes.

So, to play by the rules of the game and provide a level playing filed for men, we have compiled a long list of tips about fashion.

Following these styling tips will ensure you take your masculine fashion game to the next level.

Let’s dive in.

202 Fashion Tips For Men in 2020

Here are some general fashion tips for men. These small tips can make your day or ruin if not followed.

1- Dress with the end in mind

When you dress, you should know why you are dressing, which occasion you are dressing up for and what result do you want from your looks. A man’s fashion should speak for itself.

2- Comfort over anything

You love a look, that’s normal. You sacrifice your comfort for that look, that’s not normal. Remember, if you are not comfortable, avoid it.

3- Dress for yourself

Do not dress for others thinking about their reactions. Dress because you love dressing up and looking dapper. The opinions of others don’t matter when you feel good.

4- Don’t buy in a hurry

This is one of the greatest fashion tips for men. The devil loves it when you buy something without contemplating much. So that he can make you regret later. Don’t let him do that by taking your time.

5- Do not link feelings with your outfits

You do not want to throw that 7 years old jeans away because it reminds you of your ex-girlfriend. Nope! Instead sell it, donate it or throw it away so that it doesn’t eat up space in your wardrobe.

6- Quality over quantity

Any day of the week, any month of the year.

7- Forget Timelessness

Our one of the favorite fashion tips for men is that fashion trends change overnight and timeless outfits will only make your looks outdated

8- Experiment

Wearing the same old colors and matchings will keep the same old you. To bring a positive change in your looks, experiment with your wardrobe items.

9- Set 1 year as benchmark

If you haven’t worn a piece of cloth for over a year, it is time to dump, donate or trade it.  Throw out or give away anything you haven’t worn in over a year.

10- Add different shoe colors to your wardrobe

Because they come also in colors other than brown and black.

11- Invest in chinos too along with jeans.

Chinos are great at comfort and statement.

12- Belts or suspenders — one at a time

They are never worn at the same time.

13- Watch a movie featuring Cary Grant.

And try to copy his fashion sense.

14- No gym shoes outside the gym

Because gym shoes are for gym.

15- Buy a book on style

And read it with style to get nice style advice. Fashion magazine would also do.

16- Invest in a graceful suitcase and day bag

Because your luggage plays an important part in your style.

17- Shop with a stylish buddy

He will keep you from overspending and also from making stupid choices.

18- Have a watch collection

This small yet magical accessory ensures none of your looks remains out of style.

19- Understand matching and contrast

To have a better understanding of the science of outfits.

20- Know your measurements

They will come in handy in many ways.

21- Follow fashion icons

They represent a true fashion sense.

22- Make use of thrift stores

You might find something extraordinary under $20.

23- Groom your hair

They are our first impression, use quality products to make them appear nice.

24- Use accessories and jewelry

They allow to wear a more manly look with a rockstarish attitude.

25- Gift yourself a cologne

Great way to showcase your fashion statement and choices.

26- Organize your wallet regularly

A sleek wallet with no wear and tear marks speak volumes about its owner.

27- Have at least one dark business suit in your closet.

After that, a lighter one also.

28- Gold or silver — pick one

Choose a metal for metallic statement and robust look.

29- Less is more – Often

Even if you are not a minimalist, having less but quality products is better than collecting scrap.

30- Rock seasonal colors

Seasons offer a way to boast your outfit collection. Dark earth shades in autumn, blues and grays in winter, vibrant colors in spring — and so on.

31- Do not miss out on an overcoat

A long wooly overcoat doesn’t only make you feel cozy in chilling weather but also makes your personality a bit mysterious. 

32- Break rules

Experiment with your looks.

33- Follow skincare routine

None of the expensive outfits would ever suffice if your face isn’t fresh.

34- Sunglasses are a must-have

Make sure you have at least a couple of high-quality shades.

35- Never do the bottom button of your jacket

It’s a rule.

36- Attend to your body

Make sure you trim your nails, shave, brush your teeth, and comb your hair regularly.

37- Make your smartphone part of your style

A trendy phone case will do.

38- Try vintage fashion trends

The 80s fashion and 90s fashion have a lot to offer.

39- Cater to your facial hair.

Essential for a put together look.

40- Have a healthy diet

This might seem a health tip, but it is one of the best fashion tips

41- Keep your wardrobe organized

Don’t be a typical messy man.

42- Subscribe fashion websites and channels

To keep a steady stream of creative fashion ideas and tips.

43- Create instead of copying

A simple tweak to the outfit can do wonders. No copy pasting

44- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Many fashion trends emerge from tailors’ and fashion designers’ mistakes.

45- Live your own fashion opinion

Let others comments about your fashion not deter you from living your fashion goals.

46- Leverage the power of color

The science of color psychology has a lot to offer to fashion enthusiasts.

47- Find your style inspiration

There is no shame in getting style inspiration from someone who knows fashion more than you.

48- Logos are not necessarily stylish

They do look stylish in teens. But once you get mature, you realize that many logos are shear stupid.

49- Never sacrifice decency for style

Because nothing beats decency.

50- Develop self-grooming habits

A man should be self sufficient when it comes to fashion advice.

51- Adopt a skin care routine

Skincare routines aren’t for women only. In fact, men’s skin deserve more care.

52- Visit your barber regularly

Barbers are good at changing looks and perceptions.

53- Be cautious about tattoos

They might look sexy for time being, but they become a burden in the longer run.

54- Get a trimmer

You don’t need to go to barber shop every time.

55- Make a workout routine

A healthy, lean and muscular body is the easiest to stylize.

56- Accept yourself and then improve yourself

Your only competition is yourself. Do not compare yourself with others.

57- Be confident

Nothing is sexier than a confident man.

58- Never have bad breath

All these fashion tips won’t help if you have a bad breath. Take it seriously.

59- Chose hair cut considering your face

Not every hairstyle is for every face cut. Know your face type and then get a supporting haircut.

60- Learn fashion hacks

Or wait for our 101 fashion hacks blog post.

61- Grow beard (if you haven’t already)

Beard offer a certain charm you cannot miss out on. Do not hesitate giving it a try.

62- Change your undergarments every day

Needless to say, why.

63- Surround yourself with style-conscious people

And you will learn something new every day.

64- Dress like a grown up

Even if you are just a boy yet. And if you are grown up already, leave your teenage behind already.

65- Have an extensive range of Tees

Your everyday casual wear should also be fashionable.

66- Seek fashion advice

No shame in improving your sense of style.

67- Fit is lit

Do not make compromises on the fitting. A luxurious pricy suit might make you look dumb if it does not fit smoothly. So, invest in fit

Dress Shirt Fashion Tips for Men

Men’s wardrobe is incomplete without dress shirts. But merely having dress shirts in your closet won’t do the trick for you. You have got to know the following tips to make things work in the most desirable ways.

Dress Shirt Fashion Tips for Men

68- Opt right Shirt Color for a right Skin Tone

Do not think only the contrast of the dress shirt with the pants. Keep your skin tone in the equation too. For example, men with pale skin tone and dark hair should get fuller and richer colored dress shirts. So, consider your skin tone.

69- Begin with Versatile Shirt Colors

White and blue are constants as they do well with any matching on any occasion. So, start with these two and then keep on increasing. 

70- Know the Right Collar

Dress shirts come with numerous collar designs. Get the ones that serve your purpose best. Pint collars, spread collars, brass collars, or casual collars, your call.

71- Know Your Dress Shirt Patterns

The more visible patterns the more casual the look.

72- Educate yourself with cuff styles

Beneath a jacket, only collars and cuffs are visible. While majority of the men ignore cuffs, majority of women notice them. Do not let your chance of impressing ladies go only for a stupid carelessness.

73- Wash Dress Shirts in saltwater

Saltwater is proven to retain the original color of dress shirts. Also, bleach your white shirts to keep them white.

74- Never Squeeze/tumble dry

Half the grace of dress shirts come from their seamless collars. Squeezing them can ruin the collars. Tumble dry also comes with many cons. Let air do the trick instead.

75- Complement or Contrast

One of the easiest ways to make a statement is make a combination or a contrast. Where contrasts are generally more striking, combination makes for a subtle and elegant look.

76- Play with your sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves of your dress shirt is hot, make it count. There are several ways of doing so including fat roll, thin roll, tall and short roll, rumpled and crisp roll, the choice is yours.

77- Invest in cuff links

Cuff links are a great way to make a fashion statement gracefully. A must-have for handsome gentlemen.

78- Iron when the shirt is still damp

When it comes to ironing the shirt, make sure it is a bit damp. Plus, avoid ironing the buttons.

79- Get them custom sewed

Men’s tendency to shop stuff without getting into any fatigue is a lot, thus they buy already stitched shirt and then get it fitted. Remember, nothing can fit as good as a custom sewn shirt. 

80- Know your body type

Men conscious of their body type look well than those who don’t. Make sure you don’t fall in the second category by knowing if your body is Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph.

81- Get V-neck Undershirt

Round necks have a tendency to peek from the top of your shirt. V necks save from such embarrassments, especially when you decide to leave the top button unhooked.

82- Know the rules for shirt tucking

Tuck or no tuck? Know the rules to win the game. By the way, formal dress shirts should by-default tucked in.

Necktie Fashion Tips for Men

One of the most important piece of men’s formal attire are ties. Therefore, it is imperative to know how to make the best out of your neckties. In short, follow the tips below.

Necktie Fashion Tips for Men

83- Showcase Dimples

Just like cheek dimples make a man a lot sexier, tie dimples take things to the next level. Stop wearing the same old boring not. Add this small yet stylish detail.

84- Tighten that Knot

We can’t stress it more, do not leave your tie knot loose unless you are attending an afterparty.

85- Belt is the border: No Crossing

The tie length speaks volumes about the wearer. Make sure it is neither too long nor too short. Its tip should just hit the belt, neither cross it nor fall short to balance the frame.

86- Avoid very shiny ties

Unless you are in a disco.

87- Chose colors wrt time

Light colored ties for the morning, darker ones for the afternoon and darkest for the evening.

88- Handmade Tie over Machine-made tie

While shopping, remember that handmade ties are the best quality ties, even if they cost a little more.

89- 8cm: The Ideal Width

Size does matter, especially the width. 8cm width is perfect for most of the occasions.

90- Learn a new knot

Never a good idea to settle for a single tie all your life. Learn new knots, there are literally dozens

91- Bow ties aren’t black only

In fact, they come in many colors, make them count.

92- Fabric is the King

High quality fabrics are good at retaining colors and shape. Always opt a fine fabric for your tie collection.

93- Untie Your Tie, don’t tear apart

Do your tie this favor that most of the men don’t do. Instead of broadening the loop to pass your head, untie the tie. Laterally. Your tie will be thankful.

94- Know the Tie-Occasion

Ties are only for formal and business occasions. Do not try to be over smart wearing it where it is not expected.  

95- First suit then tie

Instead of finding a suit for your tie, find a suit and get the tie. Mind the sequence.

96- Do not tie the knot too tight

Unless you want it all wrinkled.

97- Roll instead of fold

When travelling, roll your ties to retain their shape and keep the wrinkles away.

98- No direct Ironing

NO matter how hurry you are, place a clean cotton cloth on the tie while ironing.

Pocket Square Fashion Tips for Men

Men love pocket squares but only few make the right use of them. Make sure you follow the following pocket square tips to make a difference.

Pocket Square Fashion Tips for Men

99- For a more refined look

When you opt for a conservative or polished look, choose a pocket square that is two shades lighter to your jacket.

100- Add a dimension

To add a unique flair to your look, employ pocket square with simple and subtle print/texture.

101- Monochrome shade

When wearing black and white suits, monochrome shaded pocket squares do the trick.

102- Matching is not a necessity

Some men match pocket square with their tie thinking it a mandatory fashion tip. Don’t do that.

103- Contrast over Matching

As a general observation, pocket squares do well when worn in distinctive contrast.

104- Learn Different Folds

Do not always go for presidential square because it is easy.

105- Keep it clean

A dirty or stained pocket square kills the very essence of its existence.

106- White is a must-have

White pocket square is the jack of all trades and can be rocked with any colored tie, shirt and suit. Do not miss out on it.

107- Do not Obsess Over the Fold

The best part about a pocket square is that even if you randomly insert it in your breast pocket, it will still create a statement.

108- Have a Collection

A different pocket square means a different look. Use this hack to look fashionable every day.\

Suits Fashion Tips for Men

To be that guy in the office who always wears suits with perfection, follow these subtle suiting tips.

Suits Fashion Tips for Men

109- The Shoulder Fit First

No wonder shoulders are the hardest part to tailor on a suit. Choose a suit that fits your shoulders like a glove.

110- Do not neglect the shirt, belt, shoes and tie

Your best suit can be ruined if the selection of shirt, belt shoes and tie are below par. Make sure all the pieces fit seamlessly to solve the suiting puzzle.

111- Always wear an undershirt

To make sure sweat doesn’t find its way to the suit.

112- Match Shoes and Belt

Synchronizing your shoes and belt when wearing a suit is an easy technique to fashion a more consistent look.

113- No Sitting with Buttons On

When you are about to sit, open your jacket buttons. Remember for life.

114- Let Sleeve Cuffs Peek

Half an inch is the classic length of sleeve cuffs. Or at least make sure the cuff is visible.

115- Width of Tie and Lapel Should Match

Small details make huge difference, this one is no exception. Harmony is everything.

116- Remove the tags

Even if you believed otherwise, tags and labels are meant to be removed. You can let them stay too, if you choose to appear dumb.

117- Do not remove pockets stitching

Pockets come stitched by default, let them be. Jacket pockets are not for use.

118- Wear long socks with suit

Because they won’t expose your legs while sitting.

119- Keep the pant hem in check

In a fashion-forward look, the pant hem hits right at the top of the shoe.

120- Double vent for a trendy look

No vent or middle vent is outdated.

121- Suit Trouser Break

Learn about trouser breaks and choose from no break, a quarter break, a half break, or a full break to enhance your appearance.

122- Never wear an informal watch with suit

Because common sense.

123- Same leather color

Suits do best when the relevant leather is matched that includes wrist watch, belt, and shoes.

Socks Fashion tips for Men

Socks are an underrated fashion accessory. Yet, fashion-conscious men cannot compromise on their look by skipping fashion tips about socks.

Socks Fashion tips for Men

124- Brown shoes? Navy socks

Because they look perfect together.

125- White socks for athletic purposes only

They don’t do well with formal-wear.

126- No socks with shorts

Never choose to wear with shorts and sandals.

127- Avoid Conflicting Patterns.

Try to match the socks pattern with your outfit pattern for a more refined look.

128- Match Socks with Tie or Pocket Square

And out of the box solution.

129- Buy Cotton suits for more breathability

Cotton socks allow more air and also keep your feet from the foul smell.

130- Allow only one hole in the socks

And that’s where you insert your foot.

131- Dark socks for formal events

The simple rule of thumb is that the dressier the occasion, the darker the socks.

132- Dodge the sock monster

That sneaky sock monster that keeps hiding our socks can be avoided by having two or three pairs of same socks. No last-minute panic attacks.

133- Make a knot of the sock pairs when laundry

You wont loose one piece, finally.

Shoes Fashion tips for Men

Feet are beautiful, but they can’t do without shoes (for most of the part). Knowing the following tips about shoes will help you wear them better.

Shoes Fashion tips for Men

134- Shoes are your first impression

And they say the first impression is the last impression. Make sure you give a good first impression by spending money on quality shoes.

135- Use shoe polish differently

Darker polish shades give off a very appealing and surprising look. Never shy away from trying new shades.

136- Put a metal plate at toes for longevity

Love your favorite pair of shoes? Make them eternal by putting a metal plate. Cobblers can do that easily.

137- Buy shoes during afternoon for best fit

Because your feet expand during day timings.

138- One foot is bigger than the other

Yup, your feet aren’t exactly equal in length. Thus, get the pair of shoes that fits your longer foot.

139- Let comfort be the judge

Don’t fall for advertisement banner, let your comfort level take the decision.

140- Do not compromise on sole

The sole must be soft and comfy otherwise you can have serious fatigue and back pain problems.

141- Fix creases with a steam iron

Perfect hack for sports shoes and joggers. Place a wet cloth on the top of creases of your shoes and gently rub with a steam iron.

142- Use teabags to fend off stink

If your shoes stink, place teabags and see the magic.

143- Own a pair of Black Leather Oxford Shoes

They will carry you through most of formal events.

144- Have a pair of Brown Leather Brogue

They offer one hell of versatility.

145- Use a blow dryer for better fit

Yep, if you feel difficulty fitting the new pair of shoes, blow dry to make them flexible.

146- Learn different lace ties

For shoes with laces, a little tweak with laces tying style will bring a unique flair.

147- Invest in shoe pegs

Because your awesome shoe collection deserves some showcasing.

148- Polish regularly

Polish isn’t only for shining purposes; it also increases the life of shoes.

Pants Fashion Tips for Men

Any wardrobe is incomplete without some decent pants in it. Pants come with their own wearing etiquettes and tips as follows.

Pants Fashion Tips for Men

149- Always flat front, never pleated

Pleated fronts are history. They don’t look good either.

150- Skinny or slim? Slim!

The line is very thing between the both. Avoid crossing because the slim fit pants hug you in all the right places.

151- Avoid overdoing

Jeans come with many features, some are embroidered, some tattered some with logos. Make sure you make a decent choice unless you are a Rockstar.

152- Give Cargo Pants a chance

Because they are ideal for a rough and tough look.

153- Saggy pants is a big no

Because they look bad. Simple!

154- Pinch around the Thighs

As a general rule of thumb, you should able to pinch around 1/2″ to 1 inch of fabric on both sides of your thighs. Lesser than that means too tight and more than that means too loose.

155- Use Fold Hack

If you want a no-fold look on a long pant, fold the cuffs inward.

156- Waistband Fit

Make sure that the waistband sits just below the navel and isn’t too tight or too loose there.

157- When confused, go for chino

If you find it hard to decide if the occasion is formal or semi-formal, wear chinos because chino pants are both formal and casual and thus highly adaptable.

158- Never overload pants pockets

Pants pockets are for hands and other slim stuff. Overloading them with stuff is against dressing etiquettes.

159- Don’t place your wallet in the pants’ back pocket

It doesn’t only look bad but isn’t good for your spine while sitting.

160- Get Travel Pants

If you are a globetrotter, make sure you have travel pants in your backpack.

161- If you are an athlete, forget waist size

Athletes have a well-built seat and thighs so get yourself pants that fit your seat and thighs.

162- Find a good tailor and then keep him

Finding a good tailor that sews your pants well is not a child’s play. So, if you find one, keep him.

163- Button or zipper fly? Your choice

Buttons are great aesthetic replacement of traditional zippers. Having both types will be a good idea.

Belts Fashion Tips for Men

Unfortunately, a vast majority of men think of belt as an instrument that holds their pants and nothing more. Belts are much more than that and make sure you follow belt tips to get the best of them.

Belts Fashion Tips for Men

164- When there are belt loops, wear belt

No matter which pants you are wearing, if there are belt loops, you are supposed to wear belt.

165- Never wear belt with suspenders and vice versa

Because technically both do the same job.

166- Choose belts wisely

Belts aren’t only a necessity; they fulfil the aesthetic purposes too. So, choose them wisely.

167- Belt is mandatory when the shirt is tucked in

It is a formality for formal occasions. You can evade it if the shirt is not tucked in.

168- Learn the difference between formal and informal belts

Both types have some fundamental shared characteristics.

169- Match the belt with other leathers and metals

Brown belt with black shoes doesn’t make sense.

170- Accent Piece or Centerpiece? Choose as per the event

Mostly formal belts are accent pieces and some of casual belts are centerpieces.

171- Get Reversible belts

Killing two birds with one stone is why you should get reversible belts.

172- Purchase quality leather belt

Leather belts are good at fighting wear and tear. Whereas other materials do not last more than a season.

173- Choose the right length

The belt size should be 1 to 2 inches longer than your pants’ waist. For instance, if you have a 36 waist, get a 38 inches long belt.

Suspenders Fashion Tips for Men

Suspenders are a great and stylish alternative to belts. But since not many men wear them, it is important to know some tips before you decide to use a pair of suspenders.

Suspenders Fashion Tips for Men

174- Invest in Leather Suspenders

For a relaxed and trendy feel with a masculine look, get brown or tan leather suspenders.

175- Different suspenders for different Pants

There are specific suspenders for dress pants and jeans. Do not mix them up.

176- Sometimes wear Skinny suspenders with jeans

They offer a sleek and stylish look.

177- Get suspenders with clip attachments

Not all pants come with dedicated button holes. So, having clip suspenders might save your day.  

178- Before purchasing, measure the length of your torso

It is just like measuring waist before buying a belt makes sense?

179- Find best fitting material

Suspenders come made with different materials like leather, ribbon and elastic suspenders and different materials offer different fits. Find ideal piece for yourself.

180- Clean your suspenders regularly

They are often exposed to sweat and dirt. Cleaning them will increase their life.

181- Tuxedo suspenders are different

They are always formal.

182- Where you wear pants matters

Because if you wear high up, you might want a shorter pair of suspenders and vice versa.

183- An excellent gift

Suspenders offer a great option if you want to gift your best buddy something out of the box.

Accessories fashion Tips for Men

Men’s accessories can be simply referred to as little add-ons to the outfits. They are used to make a statement and also for enhancing casual looks.

Accessories fashion Tips for Men

184- Rings are Not Just For engagements and Weddings

Never limit this amazing accessory two a couple of occasions. Make it a regular part of your looks.

185- Get a pair of Cuff-links

The take your ordinary shirt cuffs to the next level of grace.

186- Never skip watches

Just because you don’t have many, do not underestimate watches. At least have enough number of watches that can cater to your looks on multiple occasions.

187- Make use of leather bags

A bag is a must-have accessory for men. Especially those who do not want to compromise on their office looks.

188- Consider your facial structure before buying glasses and shades

Eyewear and polished looks go hand in hand. But make sure you do not wear a misfit eyewear.

189- Use Scarves as fashion alternatives to ties

Ties are in too much mainstream. Scarves offer you to become a figure among cipher.

190- Wear bracelets to rock a casual look

Bracelets are one of the most favorite accessories of men these days. Watch in one hand and a bracelet in the other do the trick.

191- Tie Clips are now fashion pieces

They used to pin the ties. They still do the same job but contemporary men use them for the sake of fashion. Why should you be any exception?

192- Necklaces? Not a bad idea

Not a very common fashion accessory but necklaces are hot. A decent gold or silver necklace can be a part of formal look as well.

193- Also have a nice pair of leather Gloves

They keep your hands warm and cozy in winters without compromising your looks.

Tracksuits fashion tips for men

From the athletic fashion of 1980s, tracksuits have remained a constant part of men’s apparel. Here are some tips about tracksuits to make use of.

Tracksuits fashion tips for men

194- Tracksuits aren’t for gym only

They are perfect for casual parties and dates as well.

195- A tracksuit should be comfortable

Despite becoming a fashion outfit, tracksuits still have to fulfil their primary purpose. If they don’t, don’t buy.

196- Don’t go for a full-fledge matching thingy

Tracksuits are versatile and you should make use of that by contrasting the sweats or track pants.

197- Enhance the look

You can elevate your tracksuit look by wearing wind breakers or bomber jackets with them.

198- Accessorize your tracksuit

And the best way to do it is by keeping it casual. Use baseball cap, sunnies, gym gear and duffel bag etc.

199- Footwear: a great way to add a unique flare

Don’t always wear joggers, give a try to statement sneakers with tracksuit.

200- Shun white-socks-only policy

Instead of plain white socks, use finely knit socks that go well with your shoes.

201- Sometimes Tuck In the Top

To bring an impressive change in your looks.

202- Try an overcoat

Take the upper off and wear an overcoat. Thank us later.

The Golden Tip

No fashion tips for men in the world can beat the kindness that a man holds in his heart. No matter how trendy and fashionable you become, make sure to stay humble, kind, and empathetic.

Good luck!

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