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12 Top Fashion Magazines in 2020

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Is there anything more exciting than resting on a divan in the weekend mornings with a spicy fashion magazine in your one hand and coffee in the other? And if the magazine is all about the latest fashion trends, tips, tricks, and updates on the glamorous world, you would certainly not want to miss out on it.

You may argue that you have some fashion apps installed on your smartphone or you can read top fashion magazines online. But trust us, no electronic application can beat the pacifying effect that those silky soft pages of the fashion magazines offer.

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Therefore, getting your hands on one of the top fashion magazines in the world is not only rational but also imperative to keep your fashion statement updated. In order to help you out in this regard, our fashion experts came up with a list of top fashion magazines for you.

What are the Top Fashion Magazines?

As the name suggests, a fashion magazine is supposed to provide all the fashion-related information. It may talk about fashion celebrities, showbiz bigwigs, fashion models, latest fashion trends, best fashion tips, or anything that even remotely related to style and fashion.

Top fashion magazines refer to those magazines that are read by people around the world. Thanks to the quality and standards these magazines maintained, they became a favorite reading activity for all the fashion-conscious people. Thus, the following fashion magazines are a sure shot for anyone who wants to wear a statement.

World’s First Fashion Magazine

Casting a glance at the history of the fashion world, we come to know that Donneau de Visé was the first person who represented the elaboration of French fashion in his ladies’ magazine; Le Mercure. His magazine is considered as the ancestor of today’s fashion publications.

Since then, the trend of magazines related to fashion never got outdated. Nowadays the fashion magazines have become a constant part of the world of glamour. So, if you are looking for motivation to become fashionable or are interested to know tidbits of Quarantine Fashion, starting from fashion magazines won’s be a bad idea.

Therefore, without wasting anymore time, let us introduce you to 12 top fashion magazines.

Here we go.

12 Top Fashion Magazines in 2020


top fashion magazines vogue

Vogue magazine is arguably the most dominant magazine in the fashion world. It is the leading horse in the race of all fashion magazines. Vogue was first printed in 1892 as a weekly newspaper, gradually converting into a ruling fashion manual. In 1909, Vogue’s possession was taken by Conde Nast Publishers whose interest and focus were particularly towards women. In spite of being unisexual, the magazine started getting popular rapidly, allocating a huge space for fashion columns for women. Anna Wintour then took over Vogue in 1988 and took this magazine to new heights. Having a direct readership in several countries across the globe, it remains one of the top fashion magazines and enjoys 11 million subscribers.

Vogue Subscription Fee: You can get a Print + Digital Access for 1 Year for $12. After first year, the subscription renews automatically at one year for $24.99. You also get an exclusive Vogue Phone Wallet as a gift with subscription. To subscribe now, click here.


top Fashion Magazines Elle

Elle is a French magazine that was introduced in 1945 having absolute subject of women’s fades. Elle signifies ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French language. During its initial years, it came up with an initiative slogan that can be translated as; ‘If she reads, she reads Elle’. And that slogan drove the interest of public towards the magazine, making it as massive as it is today. Elle encompasses every women fashion and other fashion accessories for ladies. The magazine is now being published and in 44 countries with its basis in United States.

Elle Subscription Fee: You can get Elle Magazine’s 1-year print subscription in $10.00 only. And if you go for a 2-year subscription, you’ll have to pay only $15.00. Get your subscriptionhere.

Harper’s Bazaar

top fashion magazines Harper's Bazar

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine that was started in 1862. The magazine influenced the upper middle-class of American society. Harper’s Bazar is a prismatic magazine with its mature and fascinating content treasured with updated information. The manual comprises each and every color of fashion from the newest crazes and runway shows to even cool and breezy fashion news. Kicking off as an average weekly magazine, it transformed into a monthly manual, now into blogs, and is twinkling in the fashion sky like a star. Harper’s Bazaar is available in 32 other countries with its headquarter in New York.

Harper’s Bazaar Subscription Fee: In order to subscribe to the magazine for 1 year, you have to pay only $10. This price is 91% less than what others pay on the newsstand. To start your subscription today, click here. By spending $5 more, you can also get their Special Offer of adding a 1-year subscription of Marie Claire as well.


Top fashion magazines Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan that is widely recognized as its short form ‘Cosmo’, is a worldwide fashion magazine that comes full of fun factors. The magazine is truly known for its women-centered subject everywhere. It commenced its journey as a family magazine in 1886 and developed progressively into the fashion manual by the 1960s. The magazine enjoyed its height of fame when Helen Gurley took it over, having innovative material about relationships, feminism, sex, fashion, and things considered taboo. ‘Fun Fearless Feminism’ was the subject matter of Cosmo. The magazine enjoys its stardom in 35 different countries with international editions and 11 languages. Cosmo is really flying above the lines in the fashion world.

Cosmopolitan Subscription Fee: By paying only $12, you can enjoy a 1-year subscription of the print edition of Cosmo magazine. Click here to subscribe to the mag and get it delivered to your doorstep.

BoF- Business of Fashion

Top fashion magazines Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion is a new ripening fashion magazine that cherished its dawn in 2007 as an initiative of Imran Amed. Despite being a newbie, the magazine has started shining in the fashion world sky with its huge contributions. A lot of people including fashion bloggers, editors, fashion designers, stylists, even students of this field or those common people who have a knack for fashion news, love reading BoF. The magazine has very authentic and reliable ideas in it with an impetus, known as ‘The Economist of Fashion.’ If you are a real fashion aficionado and your focus is inclined towards the inner chitchat of what is happening in the fashion corridors, its patterning and influence on the economy, Business of Fashion is a must-read for you.

Business of Fashion Subscription Fee: You can get a trial for 30 days in $1 only. However, the subscription is pretty costly and you can cast a glance at different subscription packages by clicking here.


Top fashion magazines W

W, with its strangest and shortest name, was first published in 1972. W is basically an American Magazine with an authoritative and challenging substance. The Magazine is owned by Conde Nast publishers and is supervised by Stefano Tonchi. W encases every updated subject on customs, culture, fades and fashion, style, and style icons’ news, etc. One of the specialties of the magazine is its fashion columns. W is known for its very captivating and catchier content- the content that most of the magazines avoid inserting. This trait of W’s content is the reason behind its fame and reputation. Although it often faced backlash for its controversial blogs.

W Subscription Fee: The W magazine was postponed in March and will be back to publishing press in August. You can get your subscription here.


Top fashion magazines InStyle

InStyle is not just for ladies as it proudly contains subjects of interest in the fashion world for every gender. It is amongst those manuals which enjoy equal fame for their hard copies and their blogs. InStyle is lightening up the fashion world with its sparkle internationally and is available in 16 different countries. Nearly 25 years ago, Ariel Foxman joined InStyle as the head of the editorial section. Afterward, Laura Brown took over it a number of years ago. If you have a craze of celebrity news, style advice, new fashion trends, and hairstyles, it might be an ideal magazine for you.

InStyle Subscription Fee: To get your hands on the InStyle magazine for 12 months, it will cost $24. You will also get 1-year of Shape® (10 issues) at this price. Subscribe here.


Top fashion magazines Allure

Allure, a magazine with its base in America, was first published by Linda Wells in 1991. The magazine is considerably focused on wellness, elegance, and glamorous lifestyles for women. Allure restructured its reputation over a few years after its initiation in connection with the artistic subjects and the straightforward details like sizing. The magazine is very captivating for the one who is always in search of style and statement. Since its inauguration, Allure is fancying the confidence of its patrons having over 5 million subscribers and followership of 8 million online.

Allure subscription fee: To land allure magazine in your hands every month for a year, you have to subscribe here by paying $8. They are also offering a gift for new subscribers. The subscription automatically renews at one year for $21.99


Top fashion magazines Numero

Numéro with its initiation in 1993 by Elisabeth Dijan, with an agenda to actualize its subject and heighten it parallel to the wants of fashion-conscious, cunning, and intellectual ladies of every era. Since its commencement, the magazine is considered as the most persuasive one encasing a wide range of innards like; art, music, style, and fashion trends, etc.

Numéro Subscription Fee: There are different magazines offered at different prices for a subscription. Have a look here for details and subscription.


Top fashion magazines Grazia

Grazia is the topmost sprinter in Italy’s fashion world, with its first edition published in 1938. Like no other magazine Grazia amalgamates fashion and arts with the current affairs and economy. The manual’s prototypical approach demands highly novel followership both in the online and offline world. Its sophisticated approach is prevailed over 5 continents with 20 editions and has over 30 million readers from all over the world. Grazia goes on with untangling the stories in a very noble and unique way.

Grazia Subscription Fee: Grazia offers subscription of print 51 issues at the price of $167.14. You can also go for a 6 months subscription package. Click here to proceed.  

Marie Claire

Top fashion magazines Marie Claire

Marie Claire was an initiative of the fashion world biggie, Evelyn Prouvost in 1937 to satisfy the unquenchable suspense of traditions and style. The magazine is not just about fashion and fades or art and culture but it is also a spokesperson of women especially in the transitional world after World War II. It blends fashion with trustworthy journalism and evokes people’s interest in fashion. Marie Claire’s first edition achieved a number of readers when half a million copies sold out and the number got double for the time of 2nd edition. It is now available in 35 various countries in 24 prismatic languages.

Marie Claire Subscription Fee: You can get 2–years subscription for Marie Claire magazine for $15 and 1-year subscription for $10. To make your choice, click here.

Vanity Fair

Top fashion magazines Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair, another big brand took its first flight in 1913. Afterward, it went for an overhaul for two decades until 1936, and then the magazine had a rebirth with its possession by Conde Naste. If you want some magical information about style, fashion, fashion experts, art, and culture, give Vanity Fair a try.

Vanity Fair Subscription Fee: The subscription plan of Vanity Fair magazine is Print + Digital Access in for $15 for 1 year which renews ate $29.99. You can also opt for the most popular plan of 2 years Print + Digital Access for $24. Access subscription page here.

Final Words

In the modern world, one cannot stay away from fashion even one tries to. So, a better strategy would be to welcome fashion in our lives with our arms open. And to do that, you need to know these top fashion magazines and read at least one of them regularly. You can not only enhance your fashion sense but also boast your fashion knowledge while among friends.

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